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Beautiful old oil painting of a dog pointer hunting for two ducks, American school 19th

Oil on canvas

Very well executed painting with a very nice frame, it is one of a kind.

The structure of the dog is typical for this artist.

Additional information


Oil on canvas


painting : 61 cm x 76 cm

frame : 74 cm x 90 cm


Atributed to : John Martin TRACY ( 1844-1893 ) American school


ca 1890


Private sale France

Extra info Artist

There is relatively little record of the particulars of John Martin Tracy’s early years, education, or artistic influences.
What is abundantly clear, however, is that Tracy’s reputation as one of the nation’s most admired sporting artists is unquestioned,
despite his having come to the genre fairly late in his brief life.
In 1895, a writer for the New York Times opined that “J. M. Tracy was a painter to delight the heart of all sporting men . . .
He painted the hunter before the flock of birds, the dog with tail extended and paw uplifted, as he stood quivering over the scent;
and he did it all con amore, faithfully and with full understanding and knowledge of his subject.”


Very nice painting, painting has been cleaned and is in very good condition.
Frame is in good condition, has some minor deficiencies due its age .


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